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Who Needs an Executive Coach?

These days, the intense competition between businesses means that all employees must be as sharp on the job as possible. There's no room for errors, missteps, or problems between employees and an executive coach can ensure the success of both the business and those who run it. With the proper coaching, future problems can be avoided as the coached employees are given the tools they need to stay as effective as possible on the job.

Choosing an Employee for Coaching

Companies that choose to hire an executive coach for senior employees often wonder exactly who within the company should be coached. In general, any senior executive can benefit from an executive coach. Anyone in a senior position within a company has a far-reaching affect on many aspects of the business. From inspiring other employees to affecting the company's outside reputation, each senior executive needs a multitude of skills that coaching can help foster.

For some companies, only the very top executives are the ones chosen for coaching. Because they affect more of the company itself than other employees, they are the ones that can cause the most change once they learn to focus and improve their skills. Other companies choose a selection of executives from various levels within the company in order to spread the influence of the executive coaching. This also helps management to continue the grooming process for those employees who are expected to rise in the ranks and become senior employees.

Solving Employees Problems

One common way to improve a company is to choose employees who have some obvious performance problem and have those employees meet with an executive coach. This helps employees who are otherwise useful and effective to conquer those obvious problems that can stall their careers. It also shows the employees that you care about their performance and that you will take steps to help them with any problems that they have when possible.

Investing in your employees who need coaching creates loyalty and gives them a new confidence in the company. Coaching can be chosen for executives who need help with their interpersonal work relationships, with their sense of focus, with their leadership skills or with any other problem that can negatively affect their jobs. Eliminate the problems and you have a more harmonious workplace that is more competitive.

Employee Self-Reviews

Most companies use some type of self-review to get workers to examine their strengths and weaknesses. This type of introspection is supposed to be a useful way to get employees to put thought into their own performances and to think about where they can improve. In reality, however, unless an executive really understands how to assess his or her own performance, the resulting report may have little in common with reality. Executive coaching can change this.

An employee who turns in a self-review that makes it immediately obvious that those self-assessment skills aren't there are perfect candidates for an executive coach. After being taught these skills over the duration of the coaching period, the executive will be able to accurately see where there are problems and what needs to be done about them. Completing a self-review will become an illuminating experience that results in an accurate look at good and bad aspects of performance.

In general, any senior executive, middle manager, etc., within any company will have aspects of their performance that could be improved. Even the best employees can be coached to use their skills more effectively and to get rid of bad habits. In the end, no matter whom you choose to see an executive coach, there will be positive repercussions within the business for years to come.