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Omega Collection in Full Color

If you are a true watch enthusiast, you may already know everything there is to know about Omega Watches. But, for those who don't, and want to learn more... here are some reading suggestions. First up and the only English hardcover in the bunch, is the Omega Designs book by Anton Kreuzer. This publication attempts to chronicle the history of Omega, and was originally released in 1996, in German. The book is filled with photos of some of Omega's most recognizable designs, but is a disappointment to anyone searching for the unique or rarer creations. This hardback is a good reference guide, and carries photos of the calibers and movements of Omega, but many of these images are of poor quality, and the price point listed for Omega watches is outdated and therefore not very useful. In any case, this is a decent publication, with some interesting it is in English, which may be its greatest selling point.

The Omega Saga is a different story. It too tells of the Omega legacy and was published in 1998, as a tribute to Omega and to celebrate their 150 anniversary. This book is only available in French, but whatever language you speak...a picture can say a thousand words. This book is filled with well-done illustrations. Over 700 of the photographs are in graphic black and white, and 237 are in vibrant color. Written by Marco Richon, this publication is 488 pages in length, and worth its weight. It responsibly and accurately portrays Omega's company and watchmaking history.

Another great pick is a special edition book by GoodsPress, a Japanese magazine. It is called the Omega Book, and is loaded with beautifully displayed, professional photographs of watches by Omega. The Omega Book illustrates in glossy finish, many of Omega's most rare timepieces, and highlights information on Omega movements as well. This publication is written by Masaharu Nabata and published by Tokuma Shoten. It is only in Japanese, so if you are fluent enough, you will certainly enjoy the text and interesting interviews that have been included.

And last but not least, where better to learn about from Omega themselves. Omega's book, The History of a Great Brand is a booklet, rather than a book. It is comprised of just 50 pages, but they are fact filled, artfully created pages. The history given is short and to the point, but the illustrations are the real treat, and the most wonderful thing about this book from 's on the house. Happy reading!