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Five Items Every Runner Should Have on Their Holiday Wish List

The holiday season is here yet again. With only a few weeks left before all the holiday madness begins it is time to start thinking about what to put on your holiday wish list for this year. If you are a runner or maybe just someone who will want to run off the extra holiday pounds below are 5 items that everyone will want to have on their list this year.

1) A new pair of running shoes - Let's face it, running shoes tend to be one of those things many people push off replacing. Whether you are busy preparing for the holidays or if you are just really partial to one pair of running shoes, a new pair of shoes can really help to keep your feet and body injury free. Although experts vary on how often to replace a pair of shoes, a good standard to go by is to replace your shoes every 350 miles or six months, whichever comes sooner.

2) Moisture Wicking Socks - The best pair of shoes in the world won't be nearly as beneficial without a good pair of moisture wicking socks. Although it may seem extreme to have to pay $5 for a pair of specialty socks when you can get a 5 pack of cotton socks for the same price, socks are one thing you don't want to skimp on. They help keep your feet and toes stay dry in order to prevent blisters from forming.

3) Nike Fit - I really have to hand it to Nike because the Nike Fit is an extremely helpful tool for runners of all skill levels. This device allows you to track your runs, pace, and states of each workout through a chip in your shoe that can later be downloaded on to your computer to monitor your runs. If Nike isn't the right shoe for you, there are adapters you can purchase to use the technology with other brands of shoes.

4) Running Utility Belt - If you have ever run a long distance race then you have probably seen those people with the belts around their waist that have little pouches to held various items. This is a great item for people who are long distance runners. The belt is ideal to hold little bottles of water, gel food packs or even your keys or cell phone.

5) Road ID - Although this last item may seem a bit much it is one of those things that it is better to be safe than sorry. A Road ID is an identification bracelet that runners and cyclists wear in case of an emergency so they can be identified. Accidents happen every day between athletes and automobiles, Road ID is a simple way to protect yourself in case anything were to ever happen to you while you are out on a run.

With the holidays being right around the corner don't forget to add these 5 items to your wish list this year so that you can have the gear you need to run off all those extra holiday calories.