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Five Essential Shoe Styles Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardro

If you're trying to create a versatile, functional footwear wardrobe and still stick within a budget, don't despair. It can be done. If you include these five shoe styles in your wardrobe, you should have a shoe that will work for nearly every occasion.

You aren't required to buy dozens of shoes to be able to put your best foot forward no matter where you go. Just buy quality shoes when you make your purchases, take proper care of them and they will look perfect for several seasons. Here's the top five essential styles for fashionable females:

1. Casual Flats

You can wear casual flats almost anywhere, any time of the year. You can have fun with them if you like and pick a pair in a perky pattern like Madras or leopard skin or, for a dressier look, pick patent leather or metallic flats. They look great with jeans and a Tee or wear them with a casual dress or skirt. Keep in mind, however, that flats combined with a longer or mid-calf length skirt tend to make legs look shorter and thicker, so they're best teamed with hemlines at knee-length or above.

2. Dressy Flats

Yes, you can still look elegant and wear flats at the same time. For special occasions such as weddings or important business meetings, choose flats that are solid colored in rich leather or suede. You can add embellishments to dress them up even more if you like. You can find fabulous bejeweled clip-on earrings in thrift shops that work perfectly for this.

3. Winter Boots

Every woman needs a good pair of winter boots in her wardrobe. If you live in a colder climate, invest in a warm pair of Ugg boots or lined leather boots. If you live in a cooler climate, style can be your most important consideration, rather than warmth. Whether you choose ankle boots or knee-high boots, your feet will look great. Ankle boots are comfortable and casual and work great under jeans while high heeled knee-high boots can add class and elegance to a dress.

4. Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are an important part of a lady's shoe collection. They dress up any outfit, slimming legs and adding height. You can add a touch of class to a pair of jeans and a sweater or create a polished look for work. Kitten heels aren't as high as stilettos and are usually more comfortable when you have to wear your heels for a long period of time or will be on your feet very much.

5. Moccasins

Although many women have gotten in the habit of wearing sneakers a majority of the time, and you may still want a pair for jogging or other athletic activities, a trim, comfy pair of driving moccasins is a more stylish choice. Moccasin in soft leathers conform to your feet and make your foot look smaller and less bulky than heavy sneakers do.

If your footwear collection includes these five styles, you have the essentials to be prepared to step out in style for almost any occasion.