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Designer Kitchen - Features and Styles

A designer kitchen to some people may be considered an expensive luxury, to you; it may be the culmination of years of hard work and saving to put the icing on the cake in your home. With careful planning and good design, the only limitation is your imagination.

Choosing a good designer is your first step to success, the time spent giving careful consideration to your new kitchen will be time well spent. Begin with taking into consideration the existing style of your home. A high tech, ultra modern kitchen may look good in the right home, but in a country style cottage? That does not mean you cant have modern gadgets, but a little thought into the cabinet style will really show off your good taste. So, whether it's a renovation or a complete new build, take your time.

Get the designer to visit your home, its so much easier if they can actually see the existing kitchen, than for you to try and describe it to them in an office, even with exact measurements. By visiting your home they will be able to get "the feel" of the place, and will be able to make a good judgment on what will or will not look good.

A few things to think about when planning your kitchen:

The Style: As has already been said, be aware of age of your home. Pick a design that compliments your home, if you have areas to be painted, choose a color that blends with your cabinet finish or, makes them stand out, after all they are the main feature.

Layout and Storage space: A well planned kitchen will make it a joy to work in. Having your appliances where you may want them might not be practical, your designer will be able to show you the best way to get the most from your storage space and also where best to put the oven, or refrigerator, be flexible, but, also stay as close as you can to your own ideas. You are the one that will be spending your time in the kitchen, not the designer. Your work-tops should be exactly that, having to put gadgets on them will only detract from the space you have to prepare and cook things, with innovative storage ideas a lot of these can now be hidden, leaving you with plenty of room. A cluttered kitchen is not pleasing on the eye.

Dining area: You may want to incorporate your dining room in your kitchen; again, careful planning will make this not only a desirable place to eat and entertain your friends, but also a safe place to eat. The kitchen table too close to where you will cook, scary! If you have young children make sure they cannot use dining chairs to reach up to work-tops, where there could be hot pots and pans.

Features: As the kitchen has now become more than just a place to eat, give some thought to other things you may want such as, a television, this needs to be out of the way but also can be seen. Maybe a lap-top computer or a music system. With a good designer, and careful planning, let your imagination go wild and create that designer kitchen of your dreams.